Gelato Supremo Joint


Supremos are an excellent remedy for people needing something to help go to sleep or relieve some mild pain. Regardless, they make a perfect joint to spend your evening winding down and relaxing or hanging out with friends.

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What to know before you buy Gelato Supremo joints? With just the first hit, you instantly taste the Gelato and know its premium quality. Before you get the chance to finish the first joint, some experience heavy eyelids and a relaxing feeling. After a couple of hours of sedation, don’t be surprised when you start to crave another joint.

What Are Supremo Joints Rolled With?
These joints are excellent remedies for those hoping to elevate their moods and relieve anxiety. Covered in kief and filled with very potent cannabis, Supremo prerolls use the best THC ingredients to roll Gelato Supremos for the best results. Regardless of the occasion, these prerolls are perfect to spend an evening alone, BBQ’ing with friends, or with hanging out with friends.

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